Wafer Reclaim Services

Ultrasil brings its many years of specialized experience in the wafer reclaim service to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer objectives through our precision process engineering and production/quality controls. Our process includes careful consideration of initial customer communications, parameters, and specifications, incoming wafer inspection and presorting, strip/etch, lapping, polishing, clean/spin/rinse/dry, visual inspection or final inspection metrology tool analysis, final quality assurance documentation, and careful sorting/packaging. We offer best-in-industry results that deliver value and consistency to our customers.

  • Polishing SSP/DSP
  • Laser Cut down
  • Laser Marking / Scribe
  • Edge Profile Rounding/Grinding
  • Lapping
  • Caustic Etching
  • EPak Cassettes
  • Double - bagged Cleanroom Sealed

The process engineers at Ultrasil LLC have significant experience in polishing Silicon Carbide, with removal rates that save substantial time and money for our customers. Wafer diameters include 50mm to 200mm. If you need Silicon Carbide (SiC) wafers polished or reclaimed, you can rely on the many years of experience in Silicon Carbide wafer polishing that our engineers will provide.


Ultrasil LLC has the experience and the necessary tools/processes, to provide thin wafers in various diameters. We would be happy to review your particular specifications to determine how we might assist your thin wafer needs.


Customized Processing - The process engineers at Ultrasil LLC have been performing custom polishing for many years, and would welcome discussing with you your unique project/application. We take pride in utilizing our knowledge in custom applications to enhance value to our customers. This includes special custom services such as the following:

  • Various materials/substrates.
  • Various wafer sizes and shapes.
  • Various wafer thicknesses including thin wafers.
  • Wafer Cut Down and shaping services.
  • Edge Grinding/shaping