Silicon on Insulator (SOI) Wafers

 Our SOI wafers are manufactured from prime ingot or prime slices only. We have the capability to slice, edge grind, LAP, etch, single and double side polished wafers to maximize our capability and flexibility.

SOI Specification

Diameter 3”, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, and 200mm Device Thickness and Max Tolerance 3”, 100 mm, 125 mm, and 150 mm: 2-50 +/- .5μm 50-150 +/- 1μm >150 +/- 2μm 200 mm 6-50 +/- .5μm 50-150 +/- 1μm >150 +/- 2μm

Oxide Layer Thickness:

  • Standard: 0.5μm, 1μm, and 2μm
  • Optional: 0.1 – 10μm

Handle Wafer Thickness:

  • 3”, 100mm: 300μm and up
  • 125mm, 150mm: 400μm and up
  • 200mm: 500μm and up


  • Standard: ±25μm
  • Special: ±5μm


  • N type: Phosphorous, Arsenic, and Antimony
  • P type: Boron


  • Most resistivities available on request, including high resistivity Float Zone and low resistivity CZ


  • <1-0-0> Standard
  • <1-1-1> and <1-1-0> Optional on request

Standard tolerance: ±0.5 degree
Special tolerance: as low as ±0.1 degree

Flat Orientation:

  • All major flats/notches are on the <110> plane: ±0.5 degree
  • Tighter specifications available upon request
  • Semi-standard minor flats are standard on 76.2mm and 100mm


  • Double side polished standard
  • Optional backside finishes: nano grind or oxide


  • Oxide and nitride can be supplied on both sides of the wafer.

Optional Ion Implanted Buried Layer:

  • A buried layer can be implanted in the active layer at the bonding interface. Please check to see if your desired dopant, dopant concentration, and desired energies are available. This service is provided by an outside contractor.


Please email or call for a quote.